H.265 Products

Broadcast Quality H.265 SDK

V.265 from Vanguard Video is a fully functional software based H.265/HEVC encoder and decoder SDK. Recognized for its superior offline quality and distinguished for its 4Kp60 real-time encoding performance, Vanguard Video’s V.265 continues to thrive as one of the most commercially deployed H.265/HEVC codec SDKs available today.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux support
  • CPU and GPU optimizations
  • Fine-grain Speed/Quality tradeoff
  • Advanced Rate Control and Complexity Analysis
  • Adaptive GOP support
  • Proprietary algorithms for high-quality encoding of difficult textures (film-grain, running water) and color-banding elimination
  • Complete support for interlace encoding
  • High bitrate optimization for very low compression applications
  • Advanced “on-the-fly” control: change resolution, bitrate, GOP structure, SAO and Deblocking
  • Patented Motion Estimation
  • Scalable parallelization on single CPU or on multi-socket systems

Mobile H.265 SDK

Vanguard Video’s professional H.265 decoder SDK for ARM provides OEMs with one of the most robust mobile decoding engines that offers support for various H.265/HEVC profiles including Main 4:2:2 and is powerful enough to deliver high quality video in full HD resolutions.
  • Android/iOS support
  • 32 and 64 bit optimizations
  • Compatible with latest HM (16.1)
  • Support for Main, Main Still, and Main 4:2:2
  • Interlace/Field Decoding support
  • Advanced Multithreading for Multicore processors
  • Error Concealment
  • Max Picture Resolution of 4K/UHD
  • Thread-safe support to allow multiple instances of decoder in one application
  • API extensions for Annex B byte stream parsing
  • Timestamp tracking
  • General SEI support
  • Efficient WPP decoding
  • Custom quant matrix support